Jay Lublang Photography strives to create something new for every person who we photograph. We know no two people are the same this is why our wedding packages and services are here to fit your needs. Jay Lublang Photography focuses on three main components, being fun, unique, and creative. During your pre wedding consultation we will talk about the style you like and what you are looking for to remember your day for ever and ever. The End.



Posing is cool and all but lets face it, we aren’t all models and this posing thing makes us feel funny. I believe in capturing those candid moments and I do this through a fun system I have developed from over 15 years of experience to get the best natural reactions from each individual and couple.



No two people are the same so if you wanted the same picture as someone else but with your face in it, we can do that in photoshop. What I want to do is create something for you that is a true 1 of 1 because you are 1 of 1! (awe that was deep) Hey, wouldn’t you want someone to have your wedding on their Pinterest inspiration board one day?

”Why fit in when you were born to stand out”
~Dr. Seuss



Stand next to each other, Get closer, Smile…Click! Great we got the shot to make Mom and Dad happy now lets have some fun! I believe the traditional pictures have their time and place. But it’s the creative pictures that you will want hanging over your couch. When it comes to creative pictures, I am like a 10 year old kid who had about 5 too many pieces of candy. My mind runs wild with crazy ideas.